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The Decade to START NOW

Greetings all, welcome to 2020! We made it into the new decade and in front of us is a choice. There is craziness all throughout society in terms of politics, social rifts, morality, rising food costs and more. On the other hand there is hope, technological advances, readily available information, and more opportunity to live the kind of self sufficient life you want than ever before. The question of what to do with this choice lies in how you would answer another question- What kind of life do I want to live in 2020? Not what I have done in the past, but now. Do I keep doing things the same way I always have or do I embrace the "me" I have always wanted? Then the question of what to do with the blessing of time should be more evident to you. I choose hope. I choose learning. I choose doing more to provide for my own family by learning new skills. I choose drawing nearer to God. What will you do with this new decade?


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