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About The Big Family Homestead / 

BFH is a family on a mission of learning to be self sufficient- learning how to do stuff. From gardening to beekeeping, welding to canning food, cooking from scratch and prepping and more, we are trying to make and do as much as we can without having to go to a store for a widget, gidget or gadget every five minutes.


Our faith is very important to us, and we make every effort to keep all of our content family friendly. I hope that you can learn, grow, and benefit from sharing with us on this adventure in homesteading. 


Brad has a background in music and media production. Becoming a homesteader was never on the radar until 2010. Now, it's all about being self sufficient in everything we can! 

The Crew

David, Jonathan, Clare, Grace, Hope, Caleb, and Ruth. All gifted, and amazing gifts from God


Christa is an amazing Mom and homeschool teacher. Learning and growing our kids is at her core. Baking, kids, crafting and faith are at the center of who she is.

Reach Out / Do you have a question for us? Interested in becoming a sponsor? Interested in getting in touch with the BFH family? Contact the BFH family by filling out this form.

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