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Natural Livestock Dewormer

For us, it is very important to keep our animals healthy as it is a key factor in keeping them productive. We had been giving our goats and chickens regular over the counter dewormer until we recently made the discovery of diatomaceous earth. We did some research and found that DE is a naturally occurring mineral that is made from fossilized diatoms.

diatomaceous earth under a microscope

On a microscopic level it has several sharp jagged holes that are too small to harm livestock, but prove deadly to worms and other parasites. Since we have been feeding DE to our goats, dogs, rabbits and other animals, the worms have no longer been a problem, as well as keeping fleas, ticks, and flies down as well. Another side benefit of using the DE is that the animals waste does not have as foul of an odor as the DE helps dry it out quickly.

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