****This is a PRE-ORDER SALE. This order will not be shipped for around 30 days. We have made the soap and stuff, but it takes time to cure, so we can't mail it now. it unfortunately has to wait... just like you :) ****

****THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ONLY.... Your order will be shipped early NEXT MONTH. 8/2020. Don't worry, your goodies are on the way, we just need to be a little patient.****
Hand made Goats Milk Soap. All natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals. Lightly scented and wrapped in a lovely cloth and twine. Made with a blend of sweet almond oil, goats milk, coconut, and vitamin E this soap won't dry out your skin, but still feels nice and smoothe. Great for gifts and daily use, this soap is truly awesome. These are hand cut bars so they are not an exact weight, however they generally weigh between 4-5 oz.

Goats Milk Soap

  • If you are interested in a larger order or custom scent / wrapping, please email us for additional info and pricing at info.bigfamilyhomestead@gmail.com

  • Due to state law, there are no returns on this product.