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Instant Pot HONESTY

Christa and Brad discuss if the Instant Pot is simply a fad, or a keeper. We are pretty picky about what goes into our kitchen, and even though we have a kitchen gadget addiction, not many actually end up staying around for more than a few months. Will the Instant Pot make it? Watch on...

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1 Comment

Eleanor Steiger
Eleanor Steiger
Feb 15, 2020

Christa I was over joyed when you discovered the Instant Pot. Your first video did get me nervous I didn't think you were going to like pressure cooking. I belong to about 20 pressure cooking websites and love getting recipes and tips. My mother always used a PC so that is how I leaned. There had been two blowups over the past 55 years but they were stove top cookers not the electric pots.

I have 4 PC, two are Instant Pots and I use them all the time specially in the summer, living in Georgia you do not want to put on the oven in the summer, plus it saves on air conditioning bills. If you have any pressur…

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