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Brad's testimony with moringa has dramatically changed our lives. He use to be on a $2,500 PER MONTH shot that kept his RA in check, but when the AHCA kicked in we were dropped and could not get that shot any longer. A friend mentioned that we should check into moringa. We did and it completely rid Brad of any RA symptoms FAST. We are not DR's and this is not medical advice, only personal experience, but if you struggle with RA I would check into moringa today.


Product info-

Organic Meets Good Superfoods from the Source USDA Organic Kosher Vegan Certified Organic by CCOF Superfood Your Day! Moringa Trees is native to the foothills of the Himalayas in Northwestern India. Moringa leaves help in balancing and strengthening your immune system. Moringa, Powerful Superfood from India Moringa oleifera was used 5000 years ago as a medical herb in Ayuverdic Medicine. This powder contains 90+ nutrients and 8 essential amino acids that seek to bring you back to balance.

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